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How can a Factoring Calculator be Useful for Students in Algebra Subject?

Students find difficulty solving the algebraic equations and for converting the algebraic equations into the simple form, sometimes factoring is required. The factoring calculator is useful for the students to solve polynomial, quadratic, binomial and many more equations of Algebra. Factoring refers to simplifying an expression that has sum or difference terms to the product terms. You should know what the terms and factors in the algebraic expressions are. Terms are usually the used to point sum or difference in equation whereas factors are the product terms. You can use the calculator to get the solution of the difficult equations.

factoring calculator
factoring calculator

Why is factoring important in algebra?

The factoring is considered as an essential process in the algebra. To solve the algebraic equation, it involves the use of factoring. It has a great importance to simplifying the equations as well as fractions. If you want to simply the fractions, you must need to use then factoring. So, if you have to reduce an algebraic fraction into reduced form, you must know to calculate the factors of the algebraic expressions. Hence, a good factoring calculator can help you a lot in solving the different problems of algebra.

Factors of a number will divide that number completely without leaving a remainder. For example, 1, 2, 4, 5, 10 and 20 are the factors of 20. So, if you multiply 2x10 or 4x5, you will get an answer as 20. This is an important property of the factors of a number.

Factors of an algebraic expression

Consider the algebraic expression 4x2, and you have to calculate the factors of it. So, the factors of this expression are 1, 2, 4, x, x2, 4x and 4x2. Also, you should able to recognize the factored form in the case of algebraic expressions. For example, (x + y) (3x + 2y) is considered as the factored form as you can find the complete equation in the product form. If you use the advanced factoring calculator, you can solve the difficult and lengthy problems. You can get the right solution in the factored form by this calculator.

Some examples are solved for you to know better about the factoring of equations. The ultimate goal to factor any equation is to convert the equation into product form.

Example 1:

Factor the equation 3a2 + 9ab

=3a (a + 3b)

Here, 3a was the common factor in both the terms of this equation. So, it can take out common, and the equation will be converted into product form.

Example 2:

Factor the equation 5ab2c + 2a2b + 9abc

= ab (5bc + 2a + 9c)

Where you can use factoring calculator?

It can be used to find the factors of numbers as well as the algebraic expressions. The calculator can factor equations like polynomial, trinomial, binomial, exponential, quadratic, and even trigonometric equations.  It not only provide the right solution to calculate factor but also give you steps that you can refer to solve the problem by yourself. The factoring calculator is used for solving various expressions used in the algebra. You can use it to simplify the equation and also calculate the factors of the expressions without any hassle.